Game Theory in the Age of Chaos

Bok om spelteori och politik av speldesignern Mike Selinker. 156 sidor.

Referens: GameTheory

Game Theory in the Age of Chaos contains 24 essays on game theory and politics by Mike Selinker, plus a foreword by Secret Hitler co-creator Max Temkin and 21 deep dives into the science by mathematician Richard Malena-Webber. It was edited by Gaby Weidling and game editor F. Wesley Schneider. It's 156 pages of strange yet approachable game techniques bent to political theories. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's tragic. It's always meant to inspire.

Mike Selinker is Basket of Adorables' executive director. He is also the president of Lone Shark Games, and the designer, co-designer, and/or lead developer of games like Thornwatch, Betrayal at House on the Hill, the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Lords of Vegas, The Ninth World, and Unspeakable Words. He is the author or co-author of the books The Maze of Games, Puzzlecraft, and The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design. He's at @mikeselinker on Twitter.

Gaby Weidling is Basket of Adorables' directive executor. In addition to working as a developer on all those games and books with Mike, she is a veteran escape room designer, having made rooms for companies like Wizards of the Coast and Epic Team Adventures. She's at @ermahgerdgerby on Twitter.

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